Saturday, November 04, 2006

Today I Am A Blogger Here

I activated this account because I know I can blog here, and that is because I know a lot about this place or the google group. My brother invited me to come to gmail and that is why it is easy fro me to start to use this blogspot. Found his e-mail today, while I'm at this cybercafe. I'll make this place more interesting later. Come to think of it I'll activate some of my google places, like googlepages, I'll put a link here. I have inform my brother and invited him to start his blog and googlepages. I'll wait and see what happens. There's more mails from him ( my brother), Sat, 4 Nov 2006, here is what I found from one of them, it's in Malay and here is what it said,
Keluhan Duit Seringgit. ' Duit seringgit telah bertemu dengan lima puluh ringgit dan bertanya: "Oit,lama tak nampak, mana ko pergi?" Lima puluh menjawab " Aku pergi merata tempat. Pergi stadium tgk bola, Naik STAR Cruise, gi KK naik AirAsia, lepak One Utama, konsert AF, M'sian Idol.. tempat2 cam tuh lah. Eh, ko camner lak?" Duit seringit menjawab perlahan seraya menunduk, " Hmm..biasa lah.. Balik-balik tempat sama.. surau, masjid, surau...surau...masjid ". p/s: renung-renungkanlah dan fikir-fikirkanlah '
Translation of the story,
' The one ringgit met with fifty ringgit and asked, " Oit ! lon time no see, where did you go? " The fifty ringgit answered, " I went all over the place. Went to the stadium watched football, went up at STAR Cruise, went to KK by AirAsia, hanged at One Utama, concert AF,M'sian Idol..that kinda place. Eh, you how was it? " The one ringgit replied, " Hmm.. the same..the same old place, the mosque...the mosque...the mosque". p/s: look deep and think about it. '